Subject: Don't miss our most important event!

The National Council of Churches' most important annual event.  Don't be left out.
This year we will have an outstanding program: we will remember an almost-forgotten genocide, honor a Nobel Peace Prize winner who helped stop a civil war, and hear from a renown Christian leader who works for peace.

We’ll be struggling with some of life's most important questions. Why is there so much anger and hatred abounding in humanity? Why do civilized people fight terrible civil wars? How can genocide take place? And perhaps most importantly,
why has the church of Jesus Christ not been able to bring more love and peace to the world?
One of our most anticipated workshops this year will concern religious extremism and ways people of faith can respond to it. We will hear from a Nobel Peace Prize winner, filmmakers, and from Rev. Olav Fikse Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches. And we will remember the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in a service of worship at the National Cathedral.

Conflict is a part of the human condition, but each of us can improve our conflict resolution skills and every Christian should do all they can to bring an end to war and violence. This Christian Unity Gathering will be a time of study, prayer, and reflection to equip for the days ahead.
Join the movement. Be a peacemaker.
Attend to be inspired. Attend to make new friends. Attend to receive bread for the journey. Attend to be salt and light.