Subject: Zakat X Tour 2017 - Coming to your city!

Free Zakat workshops
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In the lead up to Ramadan, this year we have a larger team dedicated to educating you on Zakat and Alhamdulilah have partnered with various Mosques & organisations around the country to bring a FREE Zakat workshop to you.

Some of the items that will be covered at these workshops
  1. What is Zakat?
  2. How to calculate & when to pay your Zakat?
  3. What is the wisdom behind Zakat being a Pillar of Islam? Do we give it the same importance & significance as Hajj, Salah & Fasting?
  4. What exactly are your Zakat obligations?
  5. Find out what NZF has done with over $3 million that you entrusted us with.
There will be a lot more covered in these workshops and we look forward to seeing you there.

Registration is compulsory as seating may be limited. 

Please forward this email on to anyone you know who might also benefit from attending.

This Ramadan, get a head start on familiarising yourself with the pillar of Zakat.

NZF Team


20th May | 7.30 PM
Sydney Madinah

24th May | 7.30 PM
Markaz Imam Ahmed


21st May | 10 AM
Perth Ummah Centre


20th May | 12.30 PM
Marion Mosque

21st May | 12 PM


14th May | 10 AM
IMCQ Hall (beside Kuraby Masjid)


20th May | 5.30 PM
Melbourne Madinah

21st May | 5.30 PM
Roxburgh Park Youth Centre

3rd June | 3.30 PM
North Melbourne Community Centre

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We distribute 100% of your Zakat to local needy recipients.
All your donations are tax deductible. 
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