Subject: Your chance to finish Ramadan in a big way

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As a donor of NZF, we consider you family. JazaakAllah Khair for supporting us through your donations and we pray that Allah accepts these deeds from you and that He continue to enjoin us in doing good for many years to come. Ameen.

We are in the last couple of nights of Ramadan, Alhamdulillah. 

Ibn al-Jawzi said: 

"When the race horse knows that it is nearing the end of the track it exerts all of its effort to win the race. Do not allow the race horse to be more clever than you. For verily, deeds are judged by their conclusions. So if you didn't do well with welcoming Ramadan then perhaps you will do better bidding it farewell."

We have one final request - and that is to support the work we do with your Sadaqah to help us expand our operations so we can increase the effectiveness of the collection & distribution of Zakat.

You do a one off donation or sign up using PayPal for 2 automatic donations on these two nights of Ramadan.

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Let's push ourselves that little bit more to do our best this Ramadan to maximise our rewards with Allah SWT.

JazaakAllahu Khairan again for your support.
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