Subject: When the pillars intersect


I plan to pay my Zakat during Ramadan. Perhaps you do too like many other Muslims! 

But, unfortunately, what I have found is most don't know why they do this. It just seems to be what everyone does, and hence everyone follows suit.

The local vs overseas Zakat predicament is exactly the same. As a largely migrant community, many pay their Zakat overseas but have no idea if that is the right thing to do. Is it OK or not?

You probably don't know me - but I volunteer with the National Zakat Foundation (an initiative of Mercy Mission), as the Marketing Manager and I am responsible to do our best to ensure that our Zakat education services reach as many of you as possible.

All our services are free. Our aim is to educate people on the basics of Zakat; what it is; how you calculate it; where, when and how it should be paid.

The ZakatXTour

Hence, I'm very excited to announce our first ZakatXTour down under since we started in 2013 Alhamdulillah. 

A series of FREE Zakat workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide run by local Zakat experts before Ramadan.

So yes, these Zakat workshops will be running in your cities over the next 3 weeks insha Allah.

We will be sending you all the info in the next couple of days so do keep an eye out - dates, venue and registration details.

I pray that we are able to benefit you this year & in the coming years to be able to establish the benefits of this beautiful pillar  in our local community. Ameen.

Farooq Syed
National Zakat Foundation Australia

And yes. two of the big questions we will answer & clarify in our workshops are - Should Zakat be paid only during Ramadan and should it be paid locally or overseas? 

Ramadan can be the month when 4 out of 5 pillars of Islam intersect. Let us understand what this means & how we can ensure we fulfil our obligations to the fullest.

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