Subject: What's been happening in the last 2 months?

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Asalamu Alaykum,

We have just returned from an excellent Twins of Faith Conference in Melbourne, where we met with many new faces that were not aware of NZF and the work we do. It is always a buzz for me to be at these events and take the opportunity to increase the awareness of Zakat, its function and its relevance in the local community.

February has been a big month for us Alhamdulillah. Just in this month, we reached the below milestones:
  • The highest number of cases overall in one month – 157
  • Victoria received its highest number of new cases in one month – 46
  • New office in Victoria: 29 Sydney Rd., Coburg 
  • New office in New South Wales: 7/64 Gillies Steet, Lakemba

Other milestones reached in the last two months:
  • Reached the $1 million mark in distributed Zakat ($1,287,731.87)
  • Distributed over $20,000 in our Back to School grants for children from Refugee and Asylum seeker families. I'll provide more details on this important program in a follow up email.
  • Developed a Qur'an School Program enabling children from Refugee and Asylum seeker families to attend various Qur'an schools in your local community. To date we have distributed over $10,000 Qur'an School grants to local Refugee & Asylum seeker families.
  • Opening a new office in Perth very soon.
  • Established a second crisis accommodation facility in NSW.
  • 8 new volunteers joined the team, in various capacities, across the country.
  • Joined the Sydney Alliance, to participate in community campaigns, in the spirit of Hilf al Fudul, for the common good. A key one being the Refugee Welcome Program for Syrian Refugees. 

Syrian refugees:

In my last email update we mentioned that we will be in touch with regards to workshops for those of you who have volunteered to help with the Syrian Refugees when they arrive. Unfortunately we have not been able to conduct them as we have no new information about their arrival and locations. We are following this daily with the relevant agencies and as soon as we have concrete details of the government plans we will call for the workshops, insha Allah. Please remain patient and ready.


The blessed month of Ramadan is only 2 months away. As usual NZF is preparing for a busy month on both sides of our services, that being the Zakat receiver and the Zakat Payer. We will once again endeavour to provide you with the best and simplest service and guides to help you calculate & pay your Zakat. That includes individuals as well as businesses. So if you have a Zakat question or need help calculating your Zakat, don’t delay contact us now.

Your brother in Islam,

Abu Muneer
National Manager
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