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Beyond Zakat Distribution
Is establishing Zakat in our community just about helping the needy?
Payer Services

During our national summit in Dec, 2016 we acknowledged that while helping the needy locally through Zakat distribution is of utmost importance, it does not fulfil the establishment of the pillar of Zakat in its entirety

Could it be that Muslims in Australia, upon whom Zakat is obligatory, are more in need of education & awareness about Zakat, than those eligible to receive Zakat itself?

This got us thinking.

Accordingly, we at NZF, have made the decision to set up a first of its kind Zakat Payer Services team. 

Through this unique initiative, we believe the true value and benefit of this great pillar can be achieved. This is by not only looking after the Zakat recipient but more importantly the Zakat payer as well, to help grow our community into a pious & self sufficient one. 

To this end we have renamed our Zakat Offices to Zakat Centres. We have also opened two new Zakat Centres in Queensland and Adelaide, Alhamdulillah.

Click here  for addresses, contact details & opening hours should you need any Zakat assistance.
January 2017 - record number of cases

Alhamdulillah the passion and help for our fellow Muslims right here in Australia continues at NZF across the country. 

Though we may appear to be quiet, our teams are working tirelessly day in and out, with the demand for our services growing at an exceptional fast pace. 

In January 2017 we received 246 new cases and distributed $158,236.92 making this our busiest month to date! If that is any indication of the year ahead, then we will need your continued support more than ever. 

Syrian Refugees

The 12,000 refugee families that the Australian Government committed to resettling in Australia, have started arriving on our shores in the last 6 months. They are being settled across Australia, with bulk destined for Western Sydney. The government is providing substantial funding for resettlement services, and these are largely being delivered by NGOs such as Settlement Services Australia (SSI), Uniting Care, Anglicare and the like.

The National Zakat Foundation has made a conscious decision to top up this assistance with a grant from our community funds. To date we have distributed over $150,000 to over 90 Syrian Refugee families to help restart their new lives in Australia with the assistance of the local Muslim community.

This is a very ambitious Program and needs your continued support.

Important note:
There are many groups and individuals trying to assist refugee families. This is happening in a very random and haphazard way. I know everyone means well, but this is exactly why the pillar of Zakat encourages structure and we at NZF are equipped and setup to deal with this, helping families holistically and in an on-going manner. I get daily messages on WhatsApp asking for money and furniture etc. to help various families. I sincerely request that you direct the families to NZF. 

Also a note of caution to our fellow Muslims in relation to the refugees; please don’t post pictures of the families or the help you provided on Facebook or WhatsApp; don’t give them your old clothes; don’t dump old and broken furniture and toys at their homes; don’t turn-up at their homes unannounced with a large group of well-meaning brothers. They have dignity, and please only give what you would wear or use yourself.
Your Sadaqah is a tool for us to establish Zakat

Brothers & sisters, with the increasing challenges Muslims are facing, they are looking at the Muslim community to come forward and assist those in need. 

Unfortunately, the reality is often our community is lacking in this aspect and rather, our own brothers & sisters receive assistance from various other avenues.

While we are doing our best, we need your assistance to continue delivering these services & increase the number of people we are able to assist. We have also widened our focus to not only distribute Zakat to those in need but also work on educating & empowering Zakat payers and for this to be successful we need to be able to sustain our 6 Zakat Centres across Australia, staff & volunteer expenses in addition to all our other operational costs such as admin, workshops, marketing & IT.

As you are aware, we distribute 100% of the Zakat you give us and hence rely on Sadaqah donations to help us continue carrying out this vital work.

By donating just $1 a day you can quite easily contribute to establishing Zakat, this important pillar of our Deen. By donating $30 / $50 / $100 monthly, this will allow us to better plan and deliver our services throughout Australia insha Allah.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and we provide a summarised tax receipt at the end of financial year for your convenience.

Click below to set up a recurring Sadaqah donation in just 3 steps.

That's it from me this time. 

I have included a few more details of the various programs we've been running below. Please take a few minutes to read through them so you know how your Zakat is being put to use in our community right here in Australia. 

These services are in addition to our core emergency relief & empowerment services which you are most likely familiar with already.

We've also been attending a lot more events recently to inform & educate people about Zakat. Next will be at the Halal Expo in Sydney, this weekend on the 11th & 12th of February. Do come and see us there!

Abu Muneer

Running for the last 3 years, helping needy families to get a positive start to the school year.


Providing support to Muslims who have been recently released from prison, including affected families.

Assisting Quran & Arabic schools throughout Australia to continue providing this vital need ..


Burying a Muslim is obligatory upon the community. NZF has assisted, on average, one family per month with burial expenses, hence fulfilling this obligation.


A sustainable solution running since 2 years allowing Muslims to source cultural & halal food easily.


Providing grants to eligible recipients to provide training, equipment or other facilities to establish a sustainable income and support themselves in the long term, building a self sustainable community.

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