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Your Local Zakat Experts
Asalamualaikum wa Rahamatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Alhumdulillah by the Grace of The Almighty, NZF Australia is still growing and helping more and more people with each passing day.

We continue striving to work smarter and in a collaborative manner with all other organisations and individuals that share the same passion as us so that together, we can achieve even more, insha Allah.

At the moment the team is hard at work daily, preparing and planning for an expected busy Ramadan. We are also in the process of developing some great programs that will help address some of the many welfare related issues affecting our communities here in Australia.

So first and foremost we check our intentions again, that it is for the sake of Allah and for Him only. And second we are thankful to Allah for having given us this opportunity to work in His path.

Please come and meet us at the Twins of Faith event in Melbourne this weekend.

Keep us in your duas and we sincerely thank you for your on-going support. 

Ismail Davids
National Manager
National Zakat Foundation
Giving Back Australia

On the 5th of April, a group of Muslim organisations that help the needy came together to recognise the importance of staying united. 

Listen to this short excerpt to get an insight into what was discussed. We at the National Zakat Foundation strongly support this initiative and pray this grows & progressively unites all Muslim organisations so we can together uplift our community, insha Allah.
The story of Abdul Aziz

Over the past few months you may have heard us talk a lot about "Empowerment" as compared to Emergency Relief. This is because at NZF, we are now proactively looking at not only providing immediate relief to those who need help in terms of financial assistance but move forward and empower them to stand on their own feet. 

Watch this short video to understand how your Zakat is used to empower those in need locally, so that we can empower our entire community, one step at a time.
Twins of Faith Melbourne

As you may know, Twins of Faith, one of Australia's most anticipated Islamic conferences is coming up this weekend in Melbourne on the 14th - 16th April 2017, and is themed around how to make the best use of the blessings that Allah has given us in this "Dunya" to benefit us both in the Dunya & the Akhirah.

This year NZF has an exciting line up of events at Twins of Faith insha Allah
  • Talks on the role of Zakat in the Dunya & Akhirah.
  • Workshop on understanding Zakat better.
  • Open Q&A sessions to clarify all your Zakat doubts.
  • Workshop to understand the intricacies of assessing Zakat eligibility in Australia.
  • Balloon twisting activities for kids at the NZF stall in the main Bazaar!
  • Meet & greet the wonderful team behind NZF & find out more about the reality of the need for local Zakat! 
If you haven't got your tickets to Twins of Faith yet, visit their website here. You can also see a full list of speakers & activities for this years conference.

Ramadan is approaching ...

Last Ramadan we received a staggering $ 1.1 million in Zakat, Fidyah and Fitr payments. Just 3 years ago when we launched in 2013, we received only $167k, an increase of over 550% subhan Allah! 

With your help, since 2013 we have distributed $3,175,885.28 of Zakat to the local needy and with our 100% Zakat distribution policy, this is testament to the trust you have put in us since 2013 and for this we thank you. It also goes to show that increasingly people are realising the wisdom & importance of paying Zakat locally. 

This year, we aim to further assist you in the education & implementation of this very important pillar of Islam insha Allah. Irrespective of whether you pay your Zakat to NZF or not, one of our obligations is to educate the local community on how to calculate & pay your Zakat correctly and to that effect we have a number of free services available to assist you in this.

Below are a few of these services that proved very popular last year.

In addition to these services we will also be running multiple workshops in various Mosques, events & organisations so do keep an eye out for our stalls! 


Free Zakat calculator to calculate the  value of your assets & savings and provide you with the total Zakat due with the latest Nisab amount into consideration. Calculate your Zakat now! 


Whether you're an individual, a business owner or a retiree, we've got free customised Zakat guides for you. Includes how to calculate missed Zakat as well as Zakat on superannuation.


The more you learn about Zakat the more questions that seem to crop up! Send us any questions you have via email / facebook or just submit below and we'll have them answered by our team insha Allah. No question is too simple! 

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