Subject: Top 3 free Zakat Tools you need this Ramadan

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A simpler Ramadan

Alhamdulillah, we are at the doorstep of yet another Ramadan and the NZF team would like to wish all of you a blessed month. As always, our objective is to make your obligatory duty of paying your Zakat, as simple as we possibly can! 

Last year at least 9,966 people used one of our FREE Zakat Tools during Ramadan. Our most popular ones are below. Check them out today.
  1. Zakat Made Simple Guides
  2. Zakat Made Simple Calculator
  3. Zakat Made Simple Q&A
You can access all of our tools by clicking here
How have we used your Zakat?
Your Zakat does not go into a black hole. This is how your Zakat been making a difference right here in Australia

Zakat Distribution Highlights
  • $1.18m used across assisting Refugees, Single Parents, Widows and Orphans.
  • $962k used to assist those who were homeless or needed assistance with housing. (A staggering 72% of whom are sisters subhan Allah).
  • $576k has been distributed towards food & medical supplies.
  • $349k used in assisting those in financial difficulties.
  • $57k to perform burials in the community where the family has insufficient funds.
Community Empowerment

In line with our vision to empower our community, we have funded below educational programs to equip our future generation with the tools they need to establish a prosperous community.
  • $117k in the Back to School Program
  • $118k in the Quran School Program
  • $32k in Vocational Training Progams
  • $40k in Homework Help
  • $24k in MSA Leadership
  • $12k in Trade Tools
Did you know ...
  • 67% of those who come to NZF for assistance are our sisters.
  • 13% of those who needed help are reverts, those who have just embraced this beautiful faith but have had no support. This is where your Zakat has filled a gap Alhamdulillah.
  • 3,528 nights of crisis accommodation provided to those needing emergency housing.
  • Across all our cases received so far, there have been 6,293 children involved subhan Allah. This allows them to grow up in strong & stable family units, giving them a strong foundation upon which they will contribute to our community insha Allah!
Keep an eye out on your email as we send you a full view of how your Zakat has assisted our community in various areas.
Yet another Ramadan planner!
Yes, among the many Ramadan planners floating around, we too have produced a Ramadan planner for you, but with a difference!

Rather than make it a short, pretty one - we have made it elaborate and long. Why? Because your Ramadan deserves to be planned elaborately! 

Go ahead, download it, print it out and start planning your Ramadan with less than a week left!

Click here to download PDF. Alternatively you can pick a physical copy at one of our Zakat centres.

We pray that this Ramadan is a productive one for all of us. Ameen.
The Zakat Pot
As a pillar of Islam, Zakat has enormous transformative potential. But it remains untapped, at what cost? We estimate the Zakat pot in Australia to be at least $100 million annually. Imagine if we all paid our Zakat, how this could transform our state.

At NZF we receive less than 2% of the potential Zakat Pot, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

Read this insightful piece to understand how we can collectively use our Zakat to transform this from just a post to an actual pillar of Islam. Click here to read article.
Talk to us this Ramadan
Zakat Q&A
Since 2013, the questions on Zakat have certainly been increasing and we are glad this is the case! We recognise the need to address modern day issues such as Zakat on mortgages, credit cards, helping family with wedding expenses & more! 

Just submit your Zakat question online and our local Zakat experts will email a response to you answering your specific question.

We're here to chat!
You can also chat with us live on our website. Simply open up the chat window and ask us your questions & doubts and together let's revive this forgotten pillar! We have a team waiting to answer any questions and help you calculate your Zakat.

In the rare case that we are offline, you can just leave us a message and we'll get back to you insha Allah! 

Zakat Centres
Our Zakat Centres will be open during Ramadan should you or your family need ANY assistance at all, whether it be financial assistance or help with your Zakat calculation & payment. 

We have Zakat Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide Alhamdulillah.

Click here to see all Zakat Centre addresses & openings hours this Ramadan.
If you have any other questions, feel free to reply to this email. We promise we read every single email. You can also follow us on our Facebook page below where we will have daily updates & beneficial reminders during this blessed month.
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