Subject: Today is the last day

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Today is the last day of the financial year 2017 - 2018. Many of us will shortly submit our tax claims with the ATO in the coming weeks for any tax deductible expenses or donations made during this year.


Pay your Zakat locally today to help those in need, right here in Australia.

Already paid your Zakat? Consider donating your Sadaqah to cover our operational costs so you can receiving ongoing rewards as we expand our Zakat education, collection & distribution services insha Allah
Few points to keep in mind in relation to this - 

1. Pay your Zakat / Sadaqah / Tainted Wealth to NZF today and benefit from claiming them as tax deductions for this financial year.

2. Scholars have advised that it is acceptable to claim Zakat /Sadaqah donations as tax deductions as they are two separate transactions.

3. When you receive your tax refund, the safer opinion is to pay Zakat on the refund immediately and not one year later as the ATO has "withheld" your wealth for one year and hence Zakat is due on it as soon as you receive it (similar to Superannuation).

The National Zakat Foundation is a not for profit organisation. We only distribute your Zakat locally here in Australia.
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