Subject: Tip to multiply your rewards these last few nights ...

3 more nights!
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Asalamu Alaykum,

Many of us are tiring out in these last few nights of Ramadan but remember that the night better than a 1000 months could still be waiting for us to seize. Let's not let our guard down and keep our focus on making this final sprint with our best efforts inshaAllah (Yes, even after the 27th night :) ). After all, it's a blessing from Allah that it is only 10 nights in the entire year! 

This is also when most people pay their Zakat-ul-Fitr and if you wish, you can pay it online to NZF. We will need your payments made by Wednesday, 15th July to ensure we can distribute it before Eid inshaAllah. 

Also, if you are planning on paying some Sadaqah during these last few nights to maximise your reward, do consider NZF as we use your Sadaqah assist local needy people who may not be Zakat eligible.

Click here to pay.

Tip: You can increase your rewards by setting up a recurring daily bank transfer for a small amount of Sadaqah during these last few nights to an organisation or multiple organisations. This way you guarantee you are paying some Sadaqah during Laylatul Qadr irrespective of which night it falls on and have your rewards multiplied to be better than that of a 1000 months! 

Wishing you the best in the remaining nights of Ramadan, and I ask Allah that He allows us all to witness Laylatul Qadr. Ameen.

Abu Muneer
National Manager
National Zakat Foundation Australia
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