Subject: This weekend was a bitter sweet one for me


The beautiful and blessed month of Ramadan is almost upon us, Alhamdulillah. I was reflecting on how quick time has gone as it seems like just a short while ago that we were in Ramadan. Yes, time is going so fast, it is quite scary. 

I was in Perth this weekend, along with the rest of the NZF team who were in various cities running Zakat workshops as part of our national Zakat Tour. 
On my way back, while I was personally so happy to see the Pillar of Zakat becoming an exciting topic, I was also quite perplexed thinking about some of the questions that we were asked during the workshops.

Just as one example, one of the most common questions was about Zakat calculation in relation to offset accounts, investment properties etc. to do with mortgages incurring Riba (interest). While we do assist them with their Zakat queries, we are in a dilemma in how we advise them that this is Haram. 

What are your thoughts regarding such issues in our community?

This brings me back to what the scholars say about a community where Zakat is not being observed correctly. How Allah lifts the Barakah from this community and this only drives me & the team further in doing our best to revive the forgotten pillar of Zakat. 

May Allah make our community one that is pious and one that increases in actions that earn the pleasure of Allah SWT. Ameen.

Do visit our website for a range of tools to assist you with your Zakat this Ramadan.

May this Ramadan be your best one ever yet and keep us in your duas.

Any questions (Hajj, Zakat or anything else) - I'm just an email away.

Your brother in Islam
Abu Muneer
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