Subject: The mosques are packed!

What is Allah trying to show us?
Assalamu Alaykum,

It is week two already, Allahu Akbar. How are you going with your Ramadan plan? On target or falling behind? Don't get demotivated as this is an auspicious month like no other for all us weaklings. If you missed receiving our great Ramadan planner, you can download it for free here, it's not too late to start planning!

Alhamdulillah this year so many more mosques are inviting us to speak about Zakat, perhaps because they have realised that we are trustworthy and appreciate the vital work that NZF does in the community. One interesting thing I've been observing is that the mosques are full for all the prayers, Alhamdullilah. (Though it is a bit annoying trying to find parking and seeing how we as Muslims just can't learn to park in a considered manner!)

So, every mosque I have been to in the last week, no matter which Salah it was, it was jam packed, including Dhuhr and Asr salah. Amazing! 
Have you noticed that too?

It makes me think - there are only 2 things different than in normal days:

1. Shaytaan is locked up
2. We are fasting

So Allah is showing us, that this is how He expects us to be every day. So there will no excuses on the Day of Judgement. As we can see the reasons we are not in the mosques for Salah on time outside Ramadan is not due to work or meetings etc., no it is listening to the whispers of Shaytaan or we're keeping busy with food.

Definitely something to think about.

I've also been getting some very interesting & complex questions about Zakat this year and it's definitely putting my brain cells to work! If you have any questions or need help calculating your Zakat, just shoot me an email and we'll help you out insha Allah. We'll include some of the more commonly asked questions in our next NZF email.

Abu Muneer

National Manager
National Zakat Foundation Australia
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