Subject: So you only learnt about Zakat recently?

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A more informed Ramadan

So many of you are working out your Zakat obligations for the first time this year. That's awesome Alhamdulillah.

Some of you have been doing it, but realized you've been doing it wrong. While others have not been paying their Zakat at all.

Either way, we have put together a 10 point check list that gives you a complete overview of the key things you need to know about Zakat. Use this as a starting point and then get in touch with us to clarify the finer detail in sha Allah.
We also have updated our website so check it out at
We've now got live Nisab values updated daily based on both Silver & Gold. 

Enjoy the rest of this email to further use this Ramadan to educate yourself about Zakat and insha Allah, ensure you fulfill your Zakat obligations this year.
Zakat Video
This week, we share with you a video by Sheikh Bilal Ismail who is an advisor to NZF. In this short clip he talks about the wisdom of paying Zakat & the warning to those who ignore this pillar of Islam.

00:18 Wisdom of Zakat payment
00:20 Type of worship
01:08 A reminder and a means of thankfullness to Allah s.w.t
01:22 Increase in bond between the receiver & payer
01:31 Social Security
01:38 Purification of your wealth
01:46 Spreads the wealth around the community
02:02 Gives sense of compassion & satisfaction in payers heart

02:30 Individual who deny Zakat? Ceases to be Muslim
02:48 Punishment in the Dunya for those lazy / miserly and do not want to pay Zakat
03:30 How did Abu Bakr r.a. treat those who didn't want to pay Zakat?
03:37 What does Allah do to people who do not pay their Zakat?
03:58 Punishment in the hereafter for those who did not pay Zakat

What is Zakat?
Zakat Q & A corner
Here we briefly discuss some of the questions that many of you have been asking us. If you have more questions, jump online to chat with us live or submit your questions here.
Property on mortgages (extension of last weeks explanation)
We got a few questions based on last week's email, where we had said that a house on a mortgage is not Zakatable nor can you deduct the mortgage as a liability from your wealth.

What about if the propert(ies) were purchased on a mortgage for the purpose of trade i.e. buying & selling properties? Would they now need to be treated as trading stock, and hence the total value is Zakatable?

Answer- this does get a little complicated as there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account such as the intention at time of purchase, when the intention is to sell the house, whether or not it's currently listed on the market, the period & nature of the mortgage and more! 

If you do have property investments for the purpose of trade, we do recommend you get in touch with us directly by replying to this email or contacting us on our website so we can address your specific circumstances insha Allah. 
Zakat for family members
Another very common question is around the validity of giving Zakat to needy family members. Is this allowed?

A short answer is that you are not allowed to give Zakat to a family member you are responsible for. If the family member is your responsibility, you need to look after them from your own wealth and not your Zakat. 

Now that brings us to - who are you responsible for? The most obvious ones are your immediate blood line i.e. your parents, grand parents, children, grandchildren, etc. What about a sister? Or an aunt? Responsibility of extended family members depends on the structure of the family & the exact circumstances and if you have a specific question around this, do send us an email and we'll provide your circumstance.

P.S. One of our Zakat experts was reading a 93 page book on Zakat for family members where the scholars have analysed all possible family structures and discussed the permissibility of giving Zakat in various circumstances. Allahu Akbar. 
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Real cases in Australia
Here we share with you some stories of recent cases we have been able to assist with your support. This is how Zakat when implemented appropriately helps strengthen the local community, slowly but surely. Read all cases on our website here.
A life of ups & downs - Susan's story
Susan is a revert, someone who joined the world of Islam as a highly motivated person and was an active community member in the Muslim community. What then happened for Susan to start struggling with her Imaan? Click here to read Susan's story and how NZF assisted her, not just financially but more importantly help strengthen a sisters' weak Imaan. 
Breaking the cycle - Aabir's story
What do you do when you think your family is pious, a big part of the local community and then you get a call from the police? You find out your son is doing drugs and has just been arrested. Find out how Aabir's family decided to handle this situation and how NZF assisted. Click here to read Aabir's story.
Zakat tools you need
Zakat guides
Our Zakat Made Simple guides are a series of free, simple e-books which provide a simple yet comprehensive understanding of Zakat and is tailored towards people in different situations. We have five custom guides tailor for the below categories!
  • Business Owner
  • Individual / Family
  • Retiree
  • Superannuation
  • Missed Zakat
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Zakat calculator
Over 13,000 people have used our online Zakat calculator since we launched it in 2015 SubhanAllah. Not only does it help you calculate your Zakat, but it also educates you along the way.

If you haven't tried it already, we strongly encourage you to try it out and we pray that it is a means to help you accurately calculate your Zakat & be one step closer to our community fulfilling this forgotten pillar!
You too can be a part of the work that we do!

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We distribute 100% of the Zakat you give us. Hence why we need your Sadaqah & sponsorship to help us continue carrying out this vital work. If a 1,000 people from all over Australia donate just $30 a month this will greatly help in covering our costs!

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