Subject: Ramadan Mubarak from the NZF Team

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Ramadan Mubarak
Ramadan 2018 is here! Allahu Akbar. Can you believe it, this will be our 6th Ramadan insha Allah. Yes 6th!

Please take the time during this Ramadan to make dua; for Allah to keep us all sincere and to bless us with His Rahmah so we can continue this vital work.

We would like to wish each and every one of you a healthy and blessed Ramadan.

May Allah accept our efforts in this month, forgive our numerous sins, remove from us all laziness in worship and allow us to leave it refreshed and revitalised. Ameen!

If your Zakat anniversary is coming up in Ramadan, make use of our extensive list of free Zakat tools to calculate and pay your Zakat.
If you are one of many who have left planning out your Ramadan till the last minute (today!) - download our free Ramadan planner by clicking here.

Please keep the NZF team in your dua, that Allah guide us to keep us sincere and put His Barakah so we can maximise our efforts in reviving the pillar of Zakat during this blessed month.

NZF Team

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