Subject: Perhaps a conversation for tonight?

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10 days of Ramadan have flown by Alhamdulillah. 

As we catch up with friends and family this weekend, lets not ignore the voices for help in our community.

Why not bring up in your conversation below cases so people are aware of what is happening in our community?

Below are 4 of the 9 cases received by the National Zakat Foundation just two days ago right here in Australia

➡ Case 1: Sister abused by husband for nearly 10 years - physically & emotionally. 2 young kids. DCP have taken kids away & placed in non Muslim foster home. She has left husband and run away. Needs help to restart life and claim kids back.

➡ Case 2: Sister on protection visa. Pregnant. Medical complications. No medicare. Decision to ignore and take risk with her & her unborn childs health or pay for necessary medical procedures.

➡ Case 3: Single mum with three young kids. Unable to afford electricity. Sleeping in the cold. Need help to pay electricity bills.

➡ Case 4: Single dad who has incurred significant debt since wife passed away. Three young kids. Has gathered his life back together and is working multiple jobs but is still falling behind. Creditors chasing him. No time to look after kids. Highly stressed.

Your Zakat is needed locally here in Australia. 

If you haven't paid your Zakat yet, pay it locally to NZF this Ramadan.

May Allah ease the affairs of this in difficulties all around us. Ameen.
All donations to NZF are tax deductible.

Note: Tomorrow at 3 PM we will be having a FB Live session to showcase how the sisters in our team are raising the Pillar of Zakat. Tune in on our FB page below to watch.
The National Zakat Foundation is a not for profit organisation.
We only distribute your Zakat locally here in Australia.
All your donations are tax deductible. 
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