Subject: Mortgages, Interest, Gold and more!

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A more informed Ramadan

Hope you're Ramadan is going well insha Allah. Please see some educational content below, about Zakat, that we hope you will find beneficial. You may also forward this on to your friends & family etc.

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Zakat Q & A corner
Here we briefly discuss some of the questions that many of you have been asking us. If you have more questions, jump online to chat with us live or submit your questions here.
Zakat on Gold, property or other wealth for kids
Alhamdulillah, it's a good sign that quite a few parents in our community are investing in Gold, Properties or other investments with the intention to give this to their kids when they grow up. So the question is, should they pay Zakat on this?

The answer is Yes. It is important to understand that Zakat is due on the wealth and not the person. Hence, yes, Zakat must be paid on any wealth that is being accumulated for your children. If the child is a minor, then the person who as authority over the wealth (generally the parent) will need to pay the Zakat. 
Mortgages, offset accounts & Zakat
When 1 out of every 4 questions is related to Zakat on mortgages, it is a sign of the difficult times our community is currently in. And perhaps, by implementing this Pillar of Islam, Allah may guide us out of these practices.

To answer the question, in general, Zakat is not applicable on a house that you have a mortgage on. You cannot deduct the entire mortgage as a liability either, since this is a long term loan. Hence a mortgage itself has no bearing on your Zakat.

If you have an off-set account for your mortgage, then this is treated as a regular savings account. All cash in your off-set account that you have access to on your Zakat anniversary date is Zakatable.
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Real cases in Australia
Here we share with you some stories of recent cases we have been able to assist with your support. This is how Zakat when implemented appropriately helps strengthen the local community, slowly but surely. Read all cases on our website here.
An Imam, stranded, wanting to go back home
Ahmed, an Imam,  was ashamed being in a new country, with no working rights & no income and entirely dependent on Zakat & the generosity of the Muslim community. Tired of begging people for a job, find out how NZF helped Ahmed & his family with your Zakat. Read Ahmed's story here.
Aakifah's home was ... whoever let her in :(
We recently got a call from Aakifah, a sister we had assisted a year ago, at the end of which she had almost got her life back together.

Aakifah told us she had been living in her car for the last week. She was hoping she wouldn’t need to call for help & has been relying on the community to “share” their house with her for the past year. Aakifah has been going from house to house living for a few months, and paying them rent from her job as a Qur’an teacher, but these were always temporary with the sisters needing her to move out for one reason or the other. This is right here in Sydney!

Aakifah is not a stranger to homelessness. Ever since running away from her violent husband, she has been struggling to make ends meet, on & off the street.

We’ve given her food vouchers & organised for her to stay in our crisis accommodation centre, to get our sister off the street as a priority. Insha Allah we are able to help her get back on her feet again soon.

Think about it. This is the state of our sister, a Qur’an teacher, a victim of domestic violence, homeless, right here in Australia.

This Ramadan. Think Zakat. Think Local.

Zakat tools you need
Zakat guides
Our Zakat Made Simple guides are a series of free, simple e-books which provide a simple yet comprehensive understanding of Zakat and is tailored towards people in different situations. We have five custom guides tailor for the below categories!
  • Business Owner
  • Individual / Family
  • Retiree
  • Superannuation
  • Missed Zakat
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Zakat calculator
Over 13,000 people have used our online Zakat calculator since we launched it in 2015 SubhanAllah. Not only does it help you calculate your Zakat, but it also educates you along the way.

If you haven't tried it already, we strongly encourage you to try it out and we pray that it is a means to help you accurately calculate your Zakat & be one step closer to our community fulfilling this forgotten pillar!
You too can be a part of the work that we do!

At NZF, we run 6 Zakat Centres all across Australia, serving over 3,000 people since June 2013. As part of providing our services, we incur costs of running the Zakat Centres, staff & volunteer expenses, as well as operational costs for admin, workshops, marketing & IT.

We distribute 100% of the Zakat you give us. Hence why we need your Sadaqah & sponsorship to help us continue carrying out this vital work. If a 1,000 people from all over Australia donate just $30 a month this will greatly help in covering our costs!

Allah said: 'O son of Adam! Spend, I will spend on you.

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  • You will be directly contributing to the development of a pious, confident, sefless and self-sufficient community in Australia.
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