Subject: It wasn't the marketing that was keeping us busy during Ramadan :)

National Zakat Foundation

JazaakAllahu Khairan for trusting us with your Zakat for yet another year!

While we've been busy sending out emails, whatsapp messages and putting up Facebook posts during Ramadan to increase awareness and knowledge about the pillar of Zakat in our local community, the rest of our team has been busy doing some real work, fuelled by all your support during this blessed month! 

Thank you for your support. Here is a snapshot of how we were able to help both Zakat payers & receivers this Ramadan. For all those who supported us, we pray that Allah multiply this and make it count on the day of Judgement when it matters most. Ameen

people used our online calculator to learn & calculate their Zakat accurately. 

people downloaded one of our free Zakat guides for individuals, businesses, superannuation, retirees or missed Zakat.

people clarified their Zakat questions by either using our online Zakat Q & A service or chatting live on our website.

dedicated Zakat workshops were held across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia & Queensland.

downloaded our free 10 step Zakat check list so they could start calculating & paying their Zakat correctly.

cases were assisted during this month in just 29 days subhanAllah. This is how your Zakat was being used.

toys or more were distributed to children in need in New South Wales & Victoria. We plan to grow more next year insha Allah.
At the end of Ramadan, Alhamdulillah we have now assisted 4,377 cases since we launched in 2013 and have distributed $3,231,623.91 of Zakat right here in Australia.

We are now tasked with distributing in excess of $1 million in Zakat before next Ramadan insha Allah.
We thank Allah for opening our eyes, showing us the need of our community and allowing us the opportunity of fulfilling this pillar of Islam.

To all those who supported us with your Zakat and Sadaqah, thank you. May Allah bless you, your families, your wealth & health. Ameen.

Please do keep the NZF team in your dua, that Allah continue to keep us sincere, show us the straight path and allow us to continue fulfilling the benefits of this beautiful pillar of Zakat right here in our local community.

NZF Team

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