Subject: It is unfortunate

But it's certainly not too late
Of the people we surveyed have a Zakat anniversary in Ramadan.

But it's unfortunate that some of us either still don't have a fixed Zakat anniversary date, or don't understand why it's important to have one as per the lunar year.

It's not too late. 
You can set your Zakat anniversary date for the 29th of Ramadan and still multiply your rewards by fulfilling the pillar of Zakat during the blessed month of Ramadan.

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Do you include the interest in your bank account while calculating Zakat?
  • No. Absolutely not. Interest money is forbidden in Islam and there is no Zakat due on it. 
  • Rather you must get rid of it immediately as a general charity and not expect any reward for it.
  • You can give away your tainted wealth to NZF by clicking here.
As per the Australian National Imams Council, Zakat-ul-Fitr is $12 per person. It is obligatory for every Muslim in the household to pay this before Eid prayers.

Our team has been busy already distributing over $30,000 worth of Zakat ul Fitr to the needy here in Australia. Pay your Fitr ASAP so we can include it in our distribution.
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