Subject: Isn't it natural to take the easier option?

.. why did I then panic?
Salaam. With Ramadan most likely starting tomorrow I'm sure we're all spiritually preparing ourselves for it (or atleast trying to!)

I remember not long ago, part of my prep was to request my mum and dad back home to pay my Zakat on my behalf (I was a migrant to Australia). No specific date. No specific amount. From memory they used to sacrifice a goat.

Embracing the ignorance, I chose not to learn about Zakat and "convinced" myself that I was fulfilling my Zakat obligations. 

"Of course there are poorer people back home." 
"What I am doing made complete sense right?"

And the best part - it took just 5 mins of my precious time every year! Win! 

And then NZF happened. 

When I started volunteering for the National Zakat Foundation & begun uncovering the depths of Zakat, I went from confidence to panic. 

It burst my bubble of conviction that I knew all about Zakat. 

The enormity of what we had chosen to ignore all these years began to dawn on us. That was the end of the easy road for us. It was time to start tracking & calculating our Zakat properly from then on. My wife and I spent many hours trying to work out our missed Zakat, learning about the importance of local Zakat and more importantly also educating our parents!

And the best part? It helped us on our journey to become better Muslims, and in complete truthfulness we saw an amazing increase in the Barakah in our savings year on year. Subhan Allah.

May Allah forgive all our inadvertent mistakes of the past. Ameen. 

So brothers & sisters. Let's not take the easy path this Ramadan. Let's do the hard yards, equip ourselves with knowledge, surround ourselves with knowledgeable & wise people and push ourselves to do more during this blessed month to earn Allah's Pleasure and Mercy!

This year I've been thinking a lot about the wisdom of the importance of local Zakat in our beautiful religion and subhanAllah it's yet another year where I feel we have so much to do but such little time. All of this, to undo the damage of many years gone by where far too many people like me have taken the easy path out.

I've put my thoughts down in a short article. Click here to read and I'd love to know your thoughts.

This is a learning journey for me and am working with our scholars at NZF to put together a lot more beneficial info that we can share with you during this month inshaAllah.

With that, I pray that Allah blesses us all with our best Ramadan yet, guide us all through this month in a manner that pleases Him and pray that He allow us to see many more in the future. Ameen.

Farooq Syed
National Zakat Foundation Australia
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