Subject: I felt a little extra proud yesterday, did you?

Asalamu Alaykum wa rahma tullahi wabarakaatuhu

Did you feel a little extra proud to be a Muslim and happy to be part of one team, yesterday? I certainly did. Why you may ask?

We all started Fasting on the same day! That is what unity does. Unity generates strong bonds and a sense of belonging. Now it would have been great if we could have attributed it to a planned act of unity, such as we all agreed on the moon issue. There is hope!

Did you know that the pillar of Zakat is a vehicle for unity? Yes, it is not only about the poor, but it allows for the establishment of a united, prosperous, protected and thriving community. 

The key is to embrace it and believe that to achieve such a community for our children and grand children here in Australia, your Zakat belongs here.

As an optimistic person and great believer that we can make a difference (as we have already shown over the last 5 years), I am sincerely requesting that you continue to support us and join us on this ambitious journey of transforming our community. To this end, we have been busy with many community based projects and forging strategic partnerships. Don’t worry we are not neglecting or reducing our efforts and support of our other core function of helping the most vulnerable in the community. As a matter of fact we have increased our services due to the huge demand.

And that brings me to what concerns me the most lately. Now in our 6th year, there is absolutely no question that NZF must continue. The demand for our services is so great, we are unable to cope on some days. Our community needs us and we need your continued support to ensure that happens.

So my dear supporters of NZF, I wish you a blessed and healthy Ramadan.

May Allah protect us all and keep us steadfast and sincere.

Abu Muneer Ismail Davids
CEO, National Zakat Foundation Australia
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