Subject: Have you seen the program for the Zakat Summit 2017?


In case you haven't checked it already, the Zakat Summit '17 Program for this weekend is out!

Join us for a full day of discussions and networking with other like minded people to open up a world of opportunities so you can discover how YOU can get more involved in empowering YOUR community.

This could be your first step in starting something big that will benefit the community in this world, and you in the aakhirah. Don't miss out!
  • Event: Zakat Summit 17: One Community One Body
  • When: Saturday, 9th Dec 2017 | 9.30 AM - 3.30 PM
  • Where: Drill hall, 26 Therry Street, Multicultural House, Melbourne
This is a free event, We really look forward to seeing you on Saturday insha Allah.
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