Subject: FREE tools for your Zakat this Ramadan!

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Zakat Made Simple Guides and new Zakat Calculator out now!
A simpler Ramadan

Alhamdulillah, we are at the doorstep of another Ramadan and the NZF team would like to wish all of you a blessed month. This year, our objective is to make your obligatory duty of paying your Zakat, as simple as we possibly can! 

To help with this, Alhamdulillah we have developed two awesome tools that we'd like to share with you for FREE to use this year.
  1. Zakat Made Simple Guides
  2. Zakat Made Simple Calculator
Get these tools below and I do hope you find them beneficial! 

I have a lot more to come this Ramadan, but for now that's it from me.

Abu Muneer
National Manager
National Zakat Foundation Australia
Zakat guides
Our Zakat Made Simple guides are a series of free, simple e-books which provide a simple yet comprehensive understanding of Zakat and is tailored towards people in different situations. We have three custom guides based on whether you are a 
  • Business Owner
  • Individual / Family
  • Retiree
Download your free guide now
Zakat calculator
We have developed an online calculator that we hope will make your Zakat calculations a lot easier. Not only does it help you calculate your Zakat, but it also educates you along the way. And best of all, it's another FREE tool we'd like to give you to assist with your Zakat.

I encourage you to try it it and let us know what you think! 

NZF Team in action
As part of the 5 core NZF functions (Awareness, Education, Calculation, Collection, Distribution) we have been very busy over the last few weeks at the Twins of Faith and Forgotten Obligations of Money events. It always is a busy period just before Ramadan and this year was no different Alhamdulillah! 
Stick 'em up
While we were at various events, we created an innovative sticker to help raise awareness of Zakat and what is Zakaatable and what is not. Please email us to get some stickers and help us create a buzz by finding some unique things to stick it on and send us the pics or put it on your FB and share.
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