Subject: End of the year but the work never stops ...

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Syrian refugees, case trends, work with us!
End of the year update
Asalamu Alaykum, 

It's holiday time. Many of us are enjoying a well deserved break with family & friends, attending Qur'an programs or father & son camps! I will hence keep this email as short as I can (I'll try!)
Syrian Refugees

As per our last email, we are working closely with local councils and refugee offices to ensure we are ready to assist and help settle our brothers and sisters from Syria. No financial assistance is required. We will need assistance with below
  • Families and individuals to assist the new arrivals to settle in.
  • Assistance in taking them to relevant government offices, schools, mosques etc.
  • Become "buddies", just like the Ansaars did for the Muhajiroon.
Interested in helping? Register your details below and we'll be in touch with you when help is needed inshaAllah!
Read more about our cases, a truly amazing story about Amina and opportunities to work with NZF to further grow our sevices below. I request you to share these stories & opportunities with your friends & families by forwarding this email to them!

I will be in touch with more updates inshaAllah. Until then, please do continue to keep us in your duas.

Jazakallah Khairan
Abu Muneer
National Manager
Amina re-united with her mum
Amina is re-united with believed-to-be-dead mother after 45 years!

Imagine, living your life in a different country, brought up by your single dad believing your mother had passed away when you were just a little child. Fast forward 45 years. Destiny brings you to Australia, where you not only find your mum, but she's alive! 

Infographic Update
Who do we help with your money?

How much money have we now distributed?
Who exactly do we help in Australia? Are they Lebanese? Pakistani? Australian? 
Are there many reverts who need help? Single mothers? Children?
What do they need most help with? Money? Food? Housing?

We've designed a simple yet informative infographic with answers and figures for all of the above! 

Work with us
Want to work with NZF?

With the increase in cases (80 per month now), we understand we need to grow our team! We are now looking urgently for three roles below
- Brand Marketing Manager
- Administration Support 
- Case Workers

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Please forward this email to friends & families who may find this information beneficial and you can share in the reward!
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