Subject: Don't ignore the need

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If you tuned into our Facebook Live discussion last night, you would have heard that we just received 16 new cases in just one day subhan Allah.

Two of these cases as an example are sisters escaping domestic violence. One of them has been given accommodation by a Christian family and is being assisted by the church. She has now received her visa and the family as requested her to move out and go to the Church for more support.

The other sister has an intervention order against her husband, and legally has the right to stay in his home for 6 months. He is threatening her though, unless she moves out. She has young kids.

We have a choice

As a community, we can choose to pool our Zakat locally together to ensure we are able to help cases like this in a timely and efficient manner. If you haven't paid your Zakat already, please pay it through NZF today for local distribution.

Do we let the sister go to the church and turn our back on her as Muslims? Do we let the sister live in a state of fear with her children of her husband? 

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Or we can choose to ignore the need. The choice is yours.

Is paying Zakat a burden?

This year, through the various education sessions we have been running, Alhamdulillah many people have woken up to how they have been ignoring their Zakat obligations and now understand how to calculate their Zakat. It has interestingly led to a new problem - people complaining that they can't afford to pay Zakat or that it is a burden.

Is Zakat really a burden?

Join Br Ismail and Br Munir tomorrow in our FB live session straight after our daily Voices from our community discussion.

Friday, 8 June, 9.30 PM Melbourne time.

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Episode 1 | 5 June 2018

Sr Soofia takes us through the transformative power of how your Zakat assisted a sister to move from being a refugee in need of Zakat to a business owner who is now paying Zakat!

Episode 2 | 6 June 2018

Sr Nadine discusses three how three reverts in need have benefited from your Zakat. We also discuss the challenges that reverts face and how Zakat as an institution enables our community to be there in their most vulnerable moments.

Daily Sadaqah

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We have received 143 new cases just this Ramadan. To be able to cater to the demand in a efficient and effective manner, we need to expand as an organisation and your support through your Sadaqah goes a long way to achieve this.

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