Subject: Do you consciously reflect on this?

Or is it just another transaction?
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It's the last 10 days of Ramadan Alhamdulillah! 

You have to admit, one of the "things" that invariably accompany the last 10 nights is a bunch of promotional messages, emails and Facebook posts from various organisations and individuals encouraging you to do good, make the best use of these 10 nights to gain rewards and donate your charity to them.

And this is a good problem to have. We should be extremely grateful to Allah that there are so many opportunities to choose from, to do good in these last 10 days. Alhamdulillah.

Broadly speaking - these drives are either for  Zakat (obligatory purification of your wealth) or  Sadaqah  (general charity).

So just on Zakat - 
  • How do you decide where to pay your Zakat? 
  • Is this a conscious decision you make? 
  • Do you do justice to this act of worship, which in fact is a pillar of Islam? 
In these last 10 nights, we request you to consider paying your Zakat to us, the National Zakat Foundation, your local Zakat experts.

Why pay your Zakat to NZF?

Our vision underpins everything we do as an organisation. 
  1. 100% Zakat distribution. Every dollar of your Zakat, we will distribute to the needy.
  2. 100% local distribution. Our sole purpose is to empower the community that WE live in. This is in line with what the majority of scholars recommend. 
  3. We don’t just collect your Zakat. We educate you all about Zakat. It’s not just about the money. It’s about fulfilling the obligations of Zakat as an act of worship that Allah has legislated upon all Muslims. And this is what we focus on.
  4. We are available to you via chat, email, phone & in person in our Zakat Centres with the objective of guiding you in all aspects of Zakat education, calculation & payment.
  5. We have assisted over 4,200 cases since 2013 and distributed over $3 million in Zakat, right here in Australia.
  6. We are a registered charity & all donations are tax deductible.
  7. Zakat is all we do. Zakat is what we focus on. Zakat is what we are the experts in.

So the questions you need to ask yourself are:
  1. Do you want to ensure you are fulfilling your Zakat obligations?
  2. Do you want to empower your local community? The community that your children will grow up in.
  3. Do you want 100% of the Zakat you pay to be distributed to the needy?
  4. Do you want to pay your Zakat to an organisation that has a specialist focus on just Zakat?
If you need to read more on the evidence for giving local Zakat a priority, click here.
Do you have any more reasons to delay paying your Zakat to us?
All donations are tax deductible
If you have already paid your Zakat and believe in what we do, please consider donating Sadaqah towards supporting our operational costs. Since we distribute 100% of your Zakat, we rely on your Sadaqah to be able to continue this vital work. 
Click here to make a Sadaqah donation.
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