Subject: Did I need to worry about saying the truth?

It was just a simple post! 
"What if people think it's a marketing ploy?" 

That's what Abu Muneer asked me when he saw the post on the NZF Facebook page about 4 homeless people on the day before Ramadan. The timing seemed "too right".

"We just need to say it like it is" was my response, as we've always done at NZF and as we will always do insha Allah.

However, his comment has been on my mind for a while. The unfortunate sceptism that seems prevalent within the Muslim community. Muslims not trusting other Muslims. In business. In trade. In the Mosque. And this gets worse when there is money involved. 

It is unfortunate that perhaps this has hardened our hearts to the extent that when we see genuine need, we don't believe it's true subhan Allah.

Br Munir from the NZF team and I were having a casual chat the other day, when he was talking about the process we have in place to ensure those applying for Zakat are in fact eligible and giving us all the correct info. Even though it may sometimes seem clinical, our team have to apply Rahma (Mercy) as well to benefit the needy. 

The underlying reflection for me here, is how much Rahma do we show in our interactions with our brothers & sisters? With our spouses, our parents & our kids? Do we give them the benefit of the doubt? Or do we always take the high road?

Br Ahmed at the Melbourne Madinah drove the point home last night in the talk during Taraweeh as the Imam recited the verses of the Battle of Uhud with the underlying point being one of the Prophet (saw) having Rahma towards the Sahabah who did not obey his instructions, which as you know, caused the death of many Muslims!  

If we expect Allah, the Most Merciful, to shower us with His Mercy in spite of our many weaknesses, why would we then not show some mercy & compassion to our own brothers & sisters?

I'd love to know your honest thoughts on this. How can we humble ourselves to recognise that only by developing mercy & compassion towards others, can we hope for Allah to show His Mercy on us?

This Ramadan, let's lift our mercy game. Let's be more compassionate towards one another. Let's look out for each other and reach out to those who need help, especially those on our own doorstep, so together we are a more united Ummah.

May Allah shower upon us His Mercy & Blessings during this Month of Ramadan. Ameen.

Your brother,
National Zakat Foundation

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