Subject: Friend The last 10 days, 5 exciting projects to choose from.

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Assalamualaikum Friend,

The last 10 days of Ramadan are upon us and we all should increase in our good deeds. 
Allah says in the Holy Qur'an 
"The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months."
- Surah Al-Qadr, Verse 3
Imagine paying just $100 as Sadaqah on the night of Layaltul Qadr. Allah in His Immense Mercy will reward you as though you donated $100 every single night for a 1000 months! 

The minimum rewards you could get for just $100 is as though you donated $3 million dollars! Allahu Akbar! This is not an opportunity any of us should miss.
Pick a project to donate your Sadaqah
Tip: Set up a recurring payment daily for the last 10 days so you don't miss Laylatul Qadr
Project 1: Zakat Offices 
(check our awesome Melbourne office video out)

These are the nuts and bolts of assisting our community. Our offices are one of a kind where our needy brothers & sisters can walk in and be assisted immediately. With offices now in every major city in Australia, we aim to bring the services of Zakat to all needy Muslims no matter where they reside in Australia.

Support this project to gain rewards from every single needy person that will be assisted through our offices.
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Project 2: Crisis Accommodation Centres 

Essentially shelters for sisters who are victims of domestic violence, abuse, reverts who have been thrown out of home, etc and find themselves homeless overnight.These centres offer a means for us to protect our sisters during the time we establish a long term plan for their well being. We currently have 3 centres and looking to establish more.

Support this project to gain rewards for every sister who is provided with a shelter from abuse.
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Project 3: Zakat Tools

We invest in state of the art Zakat Calculators, Zakat Guides and mobile apps, all accessible for free, with the sole aim of simplifying the process for the community to fulfil this pillar of Islam. It is important that we keep up in today's technology savvy world to ensure that Muslim's today can pay their Zakat accurately.

Support this project to earn a reward for every single person who uses one of these tools to pay their Zakat!
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Project 4: Zakat Awareness Initiatives

One of our primary aims is to educate the community about Zakat. We've invested in educational colouring books for kids, donation tins that kids can use, free Zakat workshops, annual Zakat seminars that we run, Zakat videos, hand outs and more through which hundreds of people have increased their knowledge about Zakat! 

Support this project and earn ongoing rewards for every person who learns something new about this important pillar of Islam. Use reference AWARE.
Project 5: Melbourne Madinah

The Madinah was our first home in Melbourne! The Madinah Next project aims to purchase a permanent building to establish an Islamic centre in the CBD of Melbourne. We'd love to give back to the Madinah & encourage you to be part of this amazing venture. You can also support this project using your superannuation. Find out how here.

Support this project and earn ongoing rewards for every prayer, every fast broken, every class thought and much more. 
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Three simple steps to secure your reward for a 1000 months
  1. Pick one or multiple projects from above.
  2. Take note of the reference (OFFICE | CRISIS | TOOLS | AWARE | MADINAH)
  3. Click below and pay your Sadaqah now. Use appropriate reference. If you're happy to support any project, just use "SADAQAH" as the reference.
  4. To increase in your rewards, set up your Sadaqah payment as a recurring payment for a small monthly amount say $30. The rewards of doing something small but regularly is higher than doing a one off large donation. And the rewards of setting it up on Laylat-ul Qadr may increase your ongoing rewards!
All donations to NZF are tax deductible. Please send us an email to request your Tax Receipt after you have made your donation.
To get in contact please call 1300 663 729, email us at or visit our website
The National Zakat Foundation is a not for profit organisation and is part of the Mercy Mission Movement. 
We distribute 100% of your Zakat to local needy recipients.
All your donations are tax deductible. 
Just let us know you would like a receipt and we will be happy to send it to you! 
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