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Assalamualaikum Friend,

Sometimes, there is a misconception that we at NZF are only about collecting & distributing Zakat. No doubt, that forms a major part of what we do but our aim is to do much more than just that.

We aim to uplift the status of Zakat, the forgotten pillar of Islam, in our community. We don't want Zakat to just be a transaction where one pays and one receives, but rather a self sustainable eco-system among our community where people are as aware of their Zakat obligations as they are about their Salah. 

What does this involve?

There are two aspects to this
1. Zakat Payers
2. Zakat Receivers

For Zakat Payers, this means education & awareness, Every Zakat Payer should understand the significance of their Zakat, how to calculate it & what their obligations are. To this effect, at NZF we run various programs such as the below to increase Zakat awareness
  • Zakat Seminars - Sessions to educate on the principles & rulings of Zakat.
  • Zakat Workshops - Hands on calculation workshops to educate people on the various rulings with regards to Zakat calculation.
  • Zakat colouring books for kids - Fun activity packs for kids to inculcate the importance of Zakat among our young ones.
  • Zakat tools - Online calculators, Zakat guides & mobile apps to help with calculation & payment of Zakat.
    Zakat presentations at schools & universities
    - Sessions with students preparing them for adult hood when they may be eligible to pay Zakat. 
  • Zakat clinics - One on One sessions to help with calculation of complex Zakat situations.
  • Zakat Ask-a-Sheikh Service - Ask a question service to answer any doubt you have with regards to Zakat, no matter how big or small.

For Zakat Receivers, this means not just receiving money but rather receiving support in addition to just monetary assistance to overcome the current situation of difficulty they are in, so that they can turn their life around! We aim to put the sunshine back in their lives. There is nothing better we want than to see a Zakat Receiver become a Zakat Payer and Alhamdulillah many of those we have helped with your Zakat have in fact now become Zakat payers! Some of the initiatives we're running now to assist Zakat receivers are below:
  • Crisis Accommodation Centres - Shelters primarily for sisters who are victims of domestic abuse and how no where to go temporarily. 
  • Counselling - For those recipients who have undergone severe trauma such as refugees, domestic violence etc. 
  • NZF Offices - Centres that are one of a kind! Where people in need can literally walk in the door and if eligible, will receive assistance immediately.

How do we support all these activities?

We distribute 100% of your Zakat to the needy. So none of the above activities are supported using your Zakat. So how do we sustain them then?

All of the above activities are run using a portion of the Sadaqah that you donate. There are many generous members in the community who contribute ongoing sadaqah so we can constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of incorporating Zakat in our lives!

What's the $30 per month deal?

Simple. Sign up to an ongoing direct debit of just $30 Sadaqah a month (that's just $1 a day) and in return you will receive rewards for ALL of the activities listed above and many more in the coming year. Now that's a deal you cannot refuse :)

You can sign up to a recurring monthly direct debit of $30 on our website and sit back and accumulate ongoing rewards for establishing this pillar of Islam here in Australia!
Also, just in case you haven't paid your Zakat yet, click here to pay it now in these last 10 days of Ramadan.

Got a question about Zakat? Click here to let me know and I'll get back to you within 24 hours insha Allah.

Your Brother in Islam,

Abu Muneer
National Manager
National Zakat Foundation Australia

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