Subject: Another live discussion - tonight after Taraweeh


When we had our first Facebook live Zakat QA session on 8 May, subhanAllah I did not expect it to be watched by so many people! 

Facebook tells me that the video has reached over 4,000 people with 1,247 people actually watching it. And on average, they watched 28 minutes of the video!

Hence we decided to do a few more live discussions, but to make them more effective we will be picking one topic to discuss in each session.

Tonight, we will be discussing the differences between Zakat & Sadaqah
  • In what circumstances is it advisable to give Zakat towards a cause versus giving Sadaqah?
  • What was the wisdom behind the legislation these two acts of worship for us? 
  • What can you do to maximise your rewards with Allah subhanahu wata'ala through Zakat and Sadaqah?
Faris, our National Distribution Manager, will be joining me as well insha Allah. I will also looking at conferencing in some other people to add different perspectives to the discussion.

And of course, all of YOU can make the session special by participating and asking questions or just by watching, and insha Allah benefitting from the discussion.

So tonight after Taraweeh, 9.30 PM Melbourne time, p
lease tune in on our Facebook page -

I look forward to speaking to you then.

Munir Abdella
Community Relationships Manager
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