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In the months since Ramadan ...
Asalamu Alaykum 

With the hussle and bustle of Ramadan and Hajj now behind us, we continue running NZF operations, through your support, helping those most in need around us. 

Alhamdulillah to date we have distrubuted over $3.79 million in Zakat and have helped 4,863 cases right here in Australia.

This year has been busy for us, with the opening up of physical Zakat centres in all large states of Australia. We've also
 taken the bold step of hiring paid case workers as we are unable to sustain such a large demand with volunteers. 
Let me reiterate though, that this applies to only some key front line staff. All of the managerial roles (including myself) is voluntary. 

We are reaching a pivot where our operational costs are rising. We humbly request you to consider contributing a portion of your Sadaqah donations towards our expenses. We appreciate any amount as every little bit helps.

Apart from us maintaining our 100% Zakat distribution we would like you to share in the rewards of establishing this pillar and daily helping our brothers and sisters locally.

It is through the generosity of many people, some who donate $1,000 a year an
d others who donate $10 a month that we have got to where we are. If many more of you donate a fixed amount of Sadaqah monthly towards supporting us, the benefits of Zakat would reach Australia far & wide insha Allah.

We also have businesses who are committing to support us with $5,000 a year. This is great Alhamdulillah. As we are tax deductible you too may also wish to consider an ongoing business relationship with us.

If you are unable to help at this stage, I would sincerely appreciate it if you can forward this to someone you know who may be able to assist.

Jazakallah khairan for reading up to this point.

To make a donation and share in the rewards of doing this beautiful work, please click here.

May Allah reward you for your generous support.

If you have any questions, please don't hestitate to ask.

Abu Muneer 
Ismail Davids
National Manager
National Zakat Foundation
National Zakat Summit 2017
Our Annual Zakat Summit this year will be held in the beautiful city of Melbourne. The national summit serves to help the NZF teams consolidate & share our experiences from the last 12 months, reflect on what we can improve on and align with the national & global leadership team on the objectives for the next 12 months insha Allah.

In addition, the Summit will comprise of components to engage with the wider public, Mosques, Organisations and Community Leaders to discuss issues that are impacting the community and avenues through which we can collectively work together to help alleviate.

Stay tuned for the details of this years National Zakat Summit to be released soon.
Eyes Wide Shut
2017 saw the launch of the Eyes Wide Shut initiative, a forum that aims to discuss many of the issues that plague the local community but are often swept under the rug. In the forums held so far, issues pertaining to domestic violence, mental health, drugs, refugees & more have been discussed with experts in the field, local Imams, victims as well as the general public.

Find out more about the EWS forum and do join us so we can collectively raise awareness about these issues, a key part of empowering our local community.

To read more about the Eyes Wide Shut initiative click here.
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May Allah reward you all for your support and make this count towards your good deeds. Ameen.
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