Subject: A note of thanks

Asalamu Alaykum wa rahma tullahi wabarakaatuhu 

Alhamdullilah another Ramadan has come and gone. Let me start by expressing my sincerest Jazakallah khairan, for your support and trust you have given us. Rest assured your Zakat will be distributed effectively and efficiently in a transformative way, empowering our local community. 

In previous years, we would be anxious about distributing the Zakat before next Ramadan, but now, due to the demand we have to budget, so we don’t run out of money. For example, we received 197 new cases just during the month of Ramadan this year subhan Allah.

Nice ‘problem’ to have but we make dua that we will reach a stage where we can help just about every Muslim who expects their right of Zakat from us. 
Local Zakat

Though we have made significant progress in the establishment of the pillar of Zakat in Australia, we still have a long way to go as still more than 99% of the Zakat collected goes overseas. The understanding of local need and local Zakat implementation is a new concept for our community and we at NZF are working tirelessly and patiently to increase the awareness and desperate need for more Zakat to be distributed in Australia. 
Beyond Ramadan

Zakat doesn't stop in Ramadan, so please keep supporting us in the following ways. 

If your Zakat anniversary is coming up, use our free Zakat tools such as online calculator and guides to help calculate & pay your Zakat. 

Support us in our on-going initiatives in establishing the great benefits of the pillar of Zakat in our local community, with a small regular monthly Sadaqah donation that will help us with our operational costs such as, office operations, printing, stationary, marketing, etc.

Tainted Wealth
Many of us receive interest from our bank deposits or other sources that we are not allowed to use, and need to dispose. You can donate your Tainted Wealth to NZF and we will use this through permissible avenues.

Tax time
June 30 is the end of financial year and many of us look forward to submitting our tax claims. Two important points to note
  • Tax deductible: All donations to NZF including Zakat are tax deductible. Scholars are of the opinion that your Zakat payment is a separate transaction to your tax deduction and there is no relation between the two, and therefore it is permissible to claim your Zakat payment as a tax deduction. So take advantage of this and support us not only with your Zakat but also with Sadaqah and other donations such as tainted wealth.
  • Zakat payable on tax received: Once you receive your tax back from the government, the safer opinion is that Zakat is due on it immediately, and you do not wait for your Zakat anniversary. So if you receive $1,000 in your tax refund, you need to pay 2.5% ($25) in Zakat immediately. 
The next 12 months

Insha Allah in the coming year we are looking forward to continue 
  • Caring and helping the most disadvantaged 
  • Transforming peoples situations to take them from receivers to payers again
  • Implementing programs that will help uplift the next generation 
  • Building on the alliances formed while forging new strategic alliances with relevant organisations
  • Providing state of the art detailed reporting updates to our donors
  • Zakat education programs throughout the year, including a school/scripture program
In closing, let me leave with you the statement that resonated with me most during this last Ramadan:

“You should thank Allah for letting you do righteous deeds, for not everyone is privileged to do so.”

So I hereby request your on-going dua for us, the NZF Team to remain sincere and steadfast in the huge Amaanah that we are trying fulfill.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Abu Muneer Ismail Davids
CEO, National Zakat Foundation Australia
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