Subject: 8 workshops and counting


We had been advised that the previous email regarding the upcoming Intelligent Wealth Management workshop was flagged as "suspicious" by Gmail. This was possibly due to the content referring to increasing your wealth :)

If you didn't please click here to visit our website for a list of upcoming workshops in the next few weeks. We have 8 workshops confirmed in VIC, SA and QLD already, with many more being finalised.

All our workshops are FREE. 

We will be addressing multiple modern day circumstances such as superannuation, missed Zakat, HECS, Investment Properties, Mortgages and more. Things that need to be discussed but rarely are.

Our main focus is to help educate all Muslims to fulfil their obligation in correctly and confidently calculating and paying their Zakat, giving this beautiful pillar it's due right. 

Please attend and learn something new about Zakat that you perhaps didn't already know.

The link is

If can't find a workshop in your city or would like us to conduct a workshop at your organisation or community group, please do let us know by sending an email to or simply reply to me.

May Allah guide us with the best knowledge to allow us all to follow the Deen in a manner that pleases Him. Ameen.

Farooq Syed
National Zakat Foundation
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