Subject: Summer Vacation Discounts, Space-A Travel, & More!

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Summer Vacation Discounts - How Military Members & Veterans Can Save Big This Year!
- Space-A Travel Guide
How to Get the Government to Reimburse Personal Travel 
  -- A Guide for Leave in Conjunction with Official Travel (TDY)
- Military Resorts - Excellent Vacation Value
- More Summer Vacation Discounts for Military & Veterans
Hello Richard,

I hope this letter reaches you well!

I just looked at the calendar and realized my daughters only have a handful of days left in the school year. This has been an eventful for year for my family, and time has flown by quickly! In a few weeks, it will be time for summer vacation.

Thankfully, my wife is a planner, so we already have a few small plans lined up. But if you are more like me and tend to roll with the punches, well, it’s not too late to make some fun summer plans!

This newsletter covers a few ideas for some inexpensive and fun travel.

To start with, I’d like to share our Space-A Travel Guide. This applies to current military members and their families, retirees and their families, and veterans with a 100% disability rating.

Flying Space-A is an inexpensive and fun way to get from Point A to Point B. It’s not for everyone, however, and there are some limitations. So I highly recommend reading up on the topic before you head out for your summer trip!

Space-A Travel Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Take a Flight on a Military Hop

Space-A travel isn't for everyone. Please keep reading more opportunities to save on travel costs!

How to Get the Government to Reimburse Personal Travel - 

An Epic Guide for Circuitous Travel PCS and Leave in Conjunction with Official Travel (TDY) 

Spencer, from Military Money Manual, wrote an epic guide for getting the government to legally reimburse you for personal travel when you are going to or returning from an overseas PCS, or when you are going TDY.

In short, the government will reimburse your airfare, up to the amount the U.S. government would have paid to move you directly, but you can fly whatever route you want. The same thing can apply when you are in leave status in conjunction with TDY travel.

This guide includes specific examples, references from the JTR (Joint Travel Regulation), and sample Memorandums for Record that Spencer used when requesting these travel arrangements and reimbursements.

This is essential reading for frequent travelers, travel hackers, and those who want to take advantage this type of opportunity.

You can learn more here:

Military Resorts - Excellent Vacation Value! 

In the last few years, my family and I had the good fortune to visit two of the major military-owned resorts - The Hale Koa, in Hawaii, and Shades of Green in Orlando, FL (10-minute walk from Disney World).

Both of these resorts are great for people of all ages, and I highly recommend visiting them if you get the chance.

The military also runs resorts in Japan, South Korea, and Germany. 

Eligibility varies by each location. 

The Hale Koa and Shades of Green are both open to current military, retirees, Gold Star Families, certain DoD employees, and some others.

Shades of Green is one of the few military resorts that also offers access to veterans who did not retire. However, the availability is limited to certain months of the year. I recommend contacting each respective location for more specific eligibility information.

You can learn more about these military resorts in the overviews I wrote after vacationing there with my family:

More Summer Vacation Discounts for Military & Veterans!

The military resorts listed above are a great way to save money. But you have other options available.

This section will cover 

- General Military & Veteran Travel Discounts
- Information Tickets & Travel (ITT) offices
- Armed Forces Vacation Club (and their sister site, Veterans Holidays).

General Military Travel Discounts

This is my go-to resource whenever my family and I start planning our vacations. (I even bookmark it for personal use!).

This article has links to most of the other articles in this newsletter, as well as other places to save money on your next travel plans (such as booking airline tickets, hotel discounts, and more).

Learn more:

Information Tickets & Travel (ITT) offices

ITT offices are located on base and have information on local attractions and other discounts on travel and event tickets. You can also find discounted tickets and other special offers. Offers vary by location.

Learn more:

Armed Forces Vacation Club (and their sister site, Veterans Holidays)

Armed Forces Vacation Club is open to all current military, retirees, Gold Star Families, and certain DoD employees. A portion of all sales go back to local MWR centers, which fund base activities.

Veterans Holidays is open to all former military members (non-retirees). Both sites have the same deals, and same inventory.

How does it work? They sell discounted hotel, resort, and timeshare stays on a space-available basis (no timeshare pitch required to stay on site). 

Basically, if there is excess inventory, they sell it to military members at amazing rates (sometimes as low as a $400 a week).

That said, inventory varies, based on availability. So you may have to be flexible with your schedule for both time and location.

I hope some of these tips help you plan a summer to remember!

Thank you for subscribing, and more importantly, Thank you for your service!


Ryan Guina
The Military Wallet

May 15, 2019
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