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Learn how to uplift your rents from 30 to 90%

About this Event:
This FREE webinar is on Social housing for landlords - learning how to create a 'hand's free' property strategy to MAXIMISE cash-flow and quadruple rental PROFITS!

As we find ourselves in a New Year & trying to navigate coming out of lock-down, it's a great time to brush up on new skills and explore new strategies in the property market.

I believe that diversifying your portfolio is a key element for landlords and one of the ways to bring in much needed income in 2021 is to review the social housing element of investing. Even if you don't follow or if you don't want to invest in a social housing strategy, all landlords actually need to be 'clued-up' as many of their tenants may still be in a position (this year especially as job & other support starts to decrease) where they need to claim from the government.

On this FREE webinar we focus on:

* How to increase your profits substantially with as little as two tenants (similar if not more cash-flow than a small HMO)

* How to get direct payments

* Key Housing Benefit principles and how to gain experience in dealing with charities etc.

Landlords have been affected, some more than most and once again the time has come for property investors to explore the social housing strategy. The government have done a great job with trying to get the homeless off the streets during COVID but those people & many others are now needing to be housed. With not enough social housing, private landlords will need to step up & with the government helping by boosting rates - the strategy is a win/win scenario.

So, to refresh, these are the key points that I'll be chatting through on this webinar:

* WIN/WIN strategy - helping with the housing storage or even helping the homeless whilst increasing your own monthly cash-flow

* Potential ways to make this strategy hands-free

* Focusing on how to capitalise on various opportunities

* How to not fall down over many of the social housing pitfalls

* Learn how to maximise your revenue without maximum investment!

Content packed webinar, FREE OF CHARGE - you literally can't afford not to attend.


Thanks and have a great day,

Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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