Subject: Would you like to meet Rajdeep Gahir, Forbes 30 under 30 (Founder of Viva House)?

Wednesday 26th June 2019
London, Blackfriars
9.30am - 4.30pm
I've introduced two fantastic speakers who are both presenting at the Co-living Conference on the 26th June 2019. Adding to this incredibly talented list is none other than Rajdeep Gahir who is the founder and CEO of Viva House.

Rajdeep is an entrepreneurial force who has spent her career at the intersection of real estate, consumer tech and financial market innovation across Europe and the USA. Her drive and passion lies in tackling big problems, challenging root philosophies and breaking the mould in traditional industries.

She is the co-founder and CEO of Vivahouse, an innovative co-living operator that uses rapid prefabrication system to reduce the time and cost of construction by 50%. Vivahouse recently leased the central atrium in the icon Whitleys shopping centre in London to show how vacant city spaces can be effectively repurposed, they are now rolling out sites from 2019. Prior to Vivahouse, Rajdeep founded CoCreations, a consultancy and venture builder, focussed on the changing nature of the real estate industry. In just 2 years, CoCreations led rollout of an innovation hub for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, advised on the launch of FORA ( a luxury workspace business) backed by Brockton Capital LLP and incubated it’s own disruptive work and live concepts. Rajdeep also advises and sits of on board of Humble Works, who create ergonomic study furniture and is an trustee for Macintyre charity; a charity supporting the less able to gain education and care throughout their lifetime.

Now this concept is a real game changer and Viva House welcomes you to the 'pop-up home'.

AT FIRST glance they look like futuristic pods — identikit rectangular boxes with large windows and even skylights But inside these simple 90sq ft pre-fabricated modules lies a new world of accommodation: pop-up bedrooms that can be installed into almost any building space in a matter of hours. This is Vivahouse's new revolutionary concept in accommodation, which founders Rajdeep Gahir and Dara Huang hope will resolve Britain’s housing shortage — transforming vacant commercial spaces into boutique, co-living homes.

After a year of research and development the pair, who have backgrounds in finance, property and architecture, have created a modular accommodation system that is pre-fabricated in the UK and built off site in less than 24 hours.

Rajdeep said the property industry had given the ingenious innovation a cautious welcome. ‘Everyone thinks it’s a great idea, though most people would have shied away from doing it,’ she says. ‘Property is a very risk-averse, conservative industry.

‘But we think these units have long-ranging and wide potential. They could be used to provide accommodation for corporate events, Olympic sites, sporting events and maybe even as an option to hostels. This is a new and smart way to use empty commercial space. There were a lot of challenges dealing with planning, building standards and zoning — but the reward is the potential mass impact we can have on the housing market.
(article in the Metro Jan 19).

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