Subject: When Investing In Large HMOs You Have To Think About Heating & Hot Water Supply

When investing in large HMOs you have to think about heating & hot water supply. My lastest HMO video tip touches on this briefly, providing good quality accommodation to tenants (your customer) is a must and as HMO landlords we need to de-bunk this stigma that all HMOs are dodgy with poor accommodation and basically the last resort for people.

It’s about really starting to think about your tenants as opposed to thinking about, 'I just need to buy another investment house'. It's more about - how can I provide a better lifestyle for the people who are living within my properties?

That's what is driving me forward. I want to change the landscape of HMO living and help others to achieve the same and In order to do so I have set aside some time this year to coach/mentor (what ever you want to call it) and to make sure that people are fully complaint, have a unique design and can also recycle their cash to continue buying more properties.

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