Subject: Tenant Management - Introducing a flat-share platform that matches people together using scientific algorithms

ideal flatmate is an innovative flatshare platform and the first to match people together using scientific algorithms to bring together compatible applicants. This has enabled ideal flatmate to create happier tenancies for landlords, letting agents and renters.
Introducing ideal Flatmate, I love this concept so much that I decided to Invest.

Today, Flat sharing is a way of life for so many of us, across all generations.
Almost half of the 21-35 year age bracket rent privately, and a huge proportion live in flat shares. 

However, did you know that the 40+ age bracket is actually the fastest growing group in flat sharing.

As more of us rent for longer, Ideal Flatmate believe flat sharing can be a positive thing and it all starts with people. Choosing a flat share is not just about choosing a property to live in, It's about choosing a group of people to share part of your life.
ideal flatmate's mission is to make that part of your life as good as it can be and being an HMO landlord, so do I.

ideal flatmate is the fastest-growing property rental portal in the country and is now live in major cities across the UK. 

As an investor in the business I have secured a special offer for my contacts who wish to find tenants using this platform. 

This OFFER mean that You will get 50% off a professional package at just £11.49 a month. 

To claim your special offer, please email with your exclusive code ’FRISBY50."

Try it out, I would love to know how you get on with the service.

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