Subject: Taking your property investment to the next level, Friend


Most property investors get stuck after buying their first few properties. I've been running a few HMO accelerator events in the City and have now also decided to run a webinar for anyone who hasn't been able to join me at an event. 

 I'll be running this complimentary webinar on the 5th December (8-9pm) to show you the way to a 6 figure income and deliver the freedom and choices in life that you deserve.

I'm calling property professionals who have the means & capacity to take their investing to the next level but need help with the five principles of successful property entrepreneurship which are -

* Gaining Clarity
* Building Key Relationships
* Knowing what skills you need to succeed and gaining those skills to make your money go further
* Systems & Processes

This webinar will delve into these 7 key principles:

1. Finding out about my new property investment business group that I'm rolling out in the New Year
2. Mindset shift to find out what is achievable in property
3. Goal Setting
4. 5 year business plan
5. Showing you how to maximise your returns from HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation)
6. Showing you how to create other property related income streams
7. Helping you to understand where you are now & where you want to be in 3 years time

This is a complimentary webinar for people who are serious about building a high-income earning lifestyle business through HMO investment (based on my HMO Property Business accelerator event held in the City).

Mike Frisby
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