Subject: Recognising early actions that landlords can take to prevent Anti-social behaviour in their properties

Tenant Evictions: Mitigating Anti-social behaviour in properties

With the pending abolition of the S21 process and ever-increasing incidence of Anti-Social Behaviour, YOU need to safeguard yourself NOW!

ASB (anti-social behaviour) TRAINING - cutting edge new Anti-Social behaviour Course for just £99 taking place from 9.30am - 5.00pm on the 16th April 2021 complete with 'Landlords Tool Box’ of templates and letters to manage and gather vital evidence in ASB actions.



Mike Frisby (Host) - 'As a landlord and letting's agency owner, the repercussions of almost non-existent evictions for serious ASB tenants has become extremely difficult to manage, very time consuming and it can severely affect a landlords bottom-line. This is why I've been in contact with Sue Bryer who is the authority on all things to do with landlord tax & evictions and she's kindly agreed to jump on a webinar and let people know more about ways to mitigate and manage Anti-social behaviour in your properties '.

Sue Bryer (Course Leader) - 'With the S21 new rules, landlords would need to provide a ‘concrete, evidenced reason already specified in law’ if they wish to bring tenancies to an end and will need to turn to a Section 8 notice rather than a Section 21. Only fault based possession through S8 will secure an eviction.

Previously tenants could be moved along regardless of how they behaved with a S21 – now ASB is something all landlords will need to manage and to carefully gather the evidence to have any chance of an eviction.'

So, ask Yourself:

* Do you really know your way around the grounds for ASB under S8 eviction ?
* What will you do if the Local Authority doesn’t respond or support you when you make a complaint?
* What powers do the police and courts have?

These are the types of questions that Sue will be answering on her online course in order to help landlords understand the correct way to go forward and to know their rights.

The course will guide you through the options and tools to manage ASB - many of which are available but unknown to private landlords but are hidden and underused by LA’s and agencies.

Course Objectives:

1. Able to define what exactly is ASB? Understanding the definition and applying the reasonableness test.

2. Understanding the difference between ASB and Crime.

3. Understanding who can deal with, support and assist with ASB a variety of circumstances - unknown and hidden tools by agencies underused and available.

4. Recognising early actions that landlords may be able to take to prevent ASB from becoming a bigger issue.

5. Understanding the Section 8 Notice grounds for possession relating to ASB (in preparation for the loss of S21).

6. Recognising the signs that a tenant or resident is vulnerable from ASB and what can be done to support them.

A lot of people who follow me know that I focus on HMOs and Social Housing, these strategies offer incredible cash-flow opportunities but can come with a few more management issues and this is why it's so important to join this course to find out a bit more on how to mitigate unnecessary risk.

This is cutting edge information that Sue is offering at a heavily discounted price during COVID times.

This is information that all landlords/lettings agents will be required to know to safeguard themselves and is reduced to just £99 for a full day online live course.
Thanks and have a great day,

Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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