Subject: Not attended my FREE social housing webinar yet, join me tomorrow evening at 7pm

Sweat your assets using various LHA cash-flow secrets to sky-rocket your rental profits (that are relatively easy to implement compared to other cash-heavy strategies)

All seasoned property investors know that cash flow is the life blood of their business. It is important to manage your assets to generate as much money as possible.

Many property investors (including Myself) have been investing heavily into HMOs as an efficient alternative to single lets when it comes to generating income. As you'll know, I'm a major fan of HMOs and recycling my cash via commercial finance BUT not all properties are suitable for conversion into HMOs and I have found that many investors don’t have the cash required to invest in these capital intensive investments. HMOs are great BUT they are not the only way to boost your rental profits.

I have found that by applying my knowledge of LHA rules, and finding the right combination of properties and tenants I have been able to make HUGE returns from my
existing portfolio. You have to learn to sweat
your assets!

I'm running a FREE social housing webinar tomorrow evening at 7pm to discuss why I think 2020 and beyond is the perfect time to diversify and look towards implementing a social housing strategy.

LHA Strategies – The Naked Truth
Are you a landlord who has always shunned housing benefit tenants as you believe:

• you will never be able to collect the rent

• there will be a high turnover of tenants
• housing benefit rents pay you less than
the private rental market
• tenants don’t look after the properties

I would like to show you that those fears can be overcome and ALSO how to significantly increase your profits.

Thanks and have a great day,

Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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