Subject: My BETA programme is almost full, call now if you'd like to be considered for this mentorship

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I have put together my first ever BETA programme…and I've had a overwhelming response from people wanting to join this mentorship programme.

I'm very excited to be working with a people who are interested in up-scaling their investing and creating that 6-figure income to have the best life after retirement?

 After a selection process, I have a majority of my BETA mentees signed-up and ready to start but I wanted to see if there was anyone who I haven't spoken to yet that would like to be considered.

As we’re still in the “beta” stage of the program, it’s going to be much less expensive to work with me 1-on-1 to achieve your desired end goal.

This will be an online group programme, starting towards the end of November.

My goal is to collect testimonials from the success of our beta clients before we launch the full program. 

 Want to be considered? ⇒ Schedule a zoom call with Me To See If We’re a Good Fit HERE

 Talk soon & have a great rest of your day,


Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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