Subject: Mike Frisby will show you How to implement a Social Housing Strategy adding valuable income to portfolio

Thursday evening at 7pm, I ( will be hosting a FREE webinar on How to implement The EXACT strategy he used so that YOU can increase YOUR cash flow even through property market slumps!


A lot of people are investing in HMOs for cash flow, it is a superb property strategy but you do need a lot of money to invest in these deals. What if i told you, you could make similar income without investing so much money - sounds great, right?

***** What would it mean to you to help more people and benefit financially? ******

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a considerable rise in tenants having to claim Universal Credit. 
 According to government stats, the claims have now dropped to around pre-pandemic levels but this has been mainly attributed to the government furlough scheme, which has now ended meaning we will see another significant rise in claims.

* As of May 2021, there were 5 million households in the UK on UC
* It is estimated that the UK needs about £345, 000 new houses per year to keep up with demand, this demand is not being met especially in the affordable housing arena.

The fact is, there is a massive need for private landlords to open up their homes to social tenants and going down this route has the option to give landlords a 'hands free' healthy income with a form of guaranteed rent whilst helping the nations most vulnerable. It's what we like to call a
'WIN/WIN' scenario.

Join this webinar and you will find out how -

* To maximise your revenue without maximum investment!
* Social housing ties in well with a Rent 2 Rent Strategy
* You can increase your cash-flow like Mike did during the last property slump
* To understand the key Housing Benefit & UC principles and how to gain experience in dealing with charities

However, UC can be a minefield... Not knowing what people are allowed to claim for WILL lose you a lot of money!!!!! Not knowing how to set up claims and find the correct tenants WILL be devastating!!!!!

THIS is why Mike is running this webinar so that you can better understand & navigate Universal Credit and Housing Benefit and know how to make those key decisions in order to avoid bad tenants.

Just think -

* You could be missing out on income, wealthy landlords are capitilising on change
* How would you feel making an extra £50k income a year?
* What would it mean to you to help the homeless?

Now is a great time to brush up on new skills and social housing as a strategy, diversifying your portfolio is a key element for landlords and one of the ways to bring in much needed income is to review the social housing element of investing. We can't stress enough - all landlords need to be 'clued-up' as many of their tenants may be in a position (especially now furlough is ending) where they need to claim from the government and if you don't know what you can claim for as a landlord- YOU WILL BE MISSING OUT ON INCOME.

This content packed webinar is offered to you FREE OF CHARGE -
this is the ONLY way to help you make a profit in this strategy. 
 Mike welcomes all questions so will also offer a Q&A on the evening.

See you on Thursday night at 7pm (zoom link will be sent to you before the webinar).

Thanks and have a great day,

Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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