Subject: Looking at 2019, here are my tips for goal setting in 2020

As we're coming up to the end of 2019 and rolling into the 20's (Can I start dressing like Gatsby now lol), looking back - how well did you do this year?

I always like to take a moment and assess the year by answering these simple questions:

1) What were the top 3 lessons your learnt this year?
2) What were your best moments of 2019?
3) What could you have done better this year?

It's amazing how thought-provoking these three simple questions can be & it helps to set those goals for 2020.

In 2020, I'm going to do the following and I wanted to share it with you.


At the beginning of every week, write these down -
1) This week's mindset
2) This week's morning routine
3) This week if would be great if I (and jot down a few things)


It is our duty to ourselves and the world we live in, to explore the wildest of possibilities. Take a moment and jot down the things you have always wanted to do and more importantly, those things that seem so unbelievably far-fetched.
The act of simply putting it 'out there' in the Universe, subconsciously focuses our mind to try and achieve it.


ūüí• Why not start a confidence v achievement chart like the one noted in my picture below, fill it out every month and then assess it at the end of 2020.

As we come to the end of this year, marvel at the people that you've met and the experiences you've lived, the pushes you have had to make, the struggles you've had to fight through and all of the moments you got to cherish.

  • I will leave you with two messages and themes for 2020

    1) Be GRATEFUL. We are unbelievable privileged to be alive, be thankful for the good in your life.
    2) You have One Life, ONE SHOT and ONE GO at it so contribute something positive to this world.
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