Subject: Last minute tickets available for tomorrow's event: Explore new secrets and strategies to demonstrate how to best utilise finance & funds in 2022.

A reminder that tomorrow afternoon, I along with mortgage specialist Bruce Mainwaring host our commercial finance workshop in the City.

We guarantee that this session explores new secrets and strategies and aims to demonstrate how to best utilise commercial finance options in 2022.

New content includes the topic: Multiple Unit Buildings and we are busting some myths, and in doing so, hope to help all participants to gain a better understanding and clarity of how they can progress their portfolio in 2022!

Don't miss out on a great event which includes a cheese and wine networking session, which will allow you the chance to seek feedback and advice from myself and Bruce, and also chat with fellow investors!

Book your last minute spot today

Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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