Subject: Interested in finding out more about my 2020 HMO group programme?


DID YOU KNOW... That for the last year I've been running a group mentorship programme with a few key HMO entrepreneurs where I have been helping them accelerate their HMO investing.

It is with such pride & honour that I'm sharing a few of the photos from our Christmas & Graduation party held at Gauthier in Soho last week.

It's a wrap on what has been an incredible property journey & deep-dive into investment acceleration using HMOs as their targeted property strategy.  As mentioned above,  I'm  so incredibly proud of this group & what people have/are & will do in the future.

We have people who have been:

* Working together on JV deals

* Releasing SSAS's

* Sourcing lease options

* New to HMO investing and have gone on to purchase deals with the help of the group

* Bought properties up North, obtained commercial finance (which is hard to do further afield) and are now netting about £3K profit from 3 HMOS

* Working so hard & then going on to start their own London networking meetings

* Working on some really, really big deals

It has just been a momentous year & for Me, the best thing about this group is the community that it has built.  People helping each other, JV'ing with each other and I'm sure everyone will be life-long friends.  With that being said, the group is so keen to continue that we are going to be running a monthly graduate programme next year where the team mastermind in order to continue with the momentum - How cool is that!!

What I'd like to ask You is WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO...

What I mean by that is who do you know who may be interested in joining the 2020 HMO Property Business Accelerator group.  

There are so many people out there who are either stuck or who just need the accountability and further knowledge to either come out of full-time employment or to turn their investing into a lifestyle business offering a bit more financial freedom.

I wanted to come to you first, before the official news/launch which is planned in a few days.

I would like for you to have a think to see if you knew of anyone who may benefit from being a part of our 2020 Group.  For that privilege, I'm happy to pay a £500 referral fee if your referral joins the group (THIS APPLIES TO YOU TOO - if you wanted to join & wanted more info, then you too can claim this amazing discount).

If you know of someone, please get in touch via 

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