Subject: Intensive Property Tax Course & Capital Gains Course - Sue Bryer

I have the pleasure in hosting two superb courses delivered by Sue Bryer to empower and enable landlords to complete essential calculations and understand TAX.

Hosted by Mike Frisby, renowned Property Entrepreneur and delivered by Susan Bryer, experienced Landlord and Lecturer and tax specialist.
Sue is a solicitor qualified for over 30 years and an accredited private landlord for 25 years based in Sussex.

Recognising that there was a need to provide detailed tax training for private landlords and property developers, Sue has been delivering a wide range of face to face tax education over the past 5 years, culminating in the bespoke design and delivery of two 1-day landlord taxation courses for landlord associations and accreditation schemes.

These courses are:
1. Specialist Landlord Tax
2. Understanding Capital Gains Taxation – Should I sell?

Sue Bryer Landlord Tax Training Associates has pleasure in offering these courses to empower and enable landlords to complete essential calculations. They provide a conceptual learning experience followed by user friendly calculations. The new method of how landlords are taxed and the related vocabulary HMRC has recently introduced, will be shared and explained in full.

Over 70 of these courses have been delivered over the past 5 years and have proven to be very popular.

Landlords struggle to find answers as to how to stay profitable, keep their assets and seek clarity as to whether they need to restructure and/or remodel their portfolios to be more tax efficient due to the recent tax changes.

Many landlords have elected to reduce their portfolio size by selling some of their properties. It has also brought into sharp focus the need for careful tax planning and refining exit strategies.

Delegates attending the Specialist Tax Course will:
• use templates created by Sue, and by following clear steps will be able to calculate their personal tax liability in the light of the S24 Tax
• be introduced to the drafting techniques used in LLPs – model clauses will be shared- which are essential to get the essential tax flexibility landlords require

So, what are you going to learn and what topics will be covered on this 1 day event:

• Introduction and overview of the UK Tax regime
• Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax (brief overview) and Corporation Tax
• Income Tax –an analysis and its relationship with section 24
• Allowable expenses and what to offset
• Full explanation of Section 24 tax implications and clear worked examples
• An explanation of why 20% tax payers are possibly the most vulnerable-how often do you hear the soundbites that a 20% tax payer will not be affected?
• Templates created by Sue will be shared on the course to enable landlords to complete calculations on their own personal portfolios and to understand their tax liability
• Your 20% tax reducer (relief) may not be your finance costs!
• Whether to operate as a company or individual investor (pros and cons of incorporation)
• LLPs - a thorough explanation of the benefits of an LLP and how the drafting of ‘model clauses’ - which are shared - are essential to get the required flexibility for tax purposes
• The various options available, and which ones to use in the light of S24- remodel, restructure or refinance?
• An explanation and introduction to the use of Trusts and how they are taxed
• Smart exits and strategies during your lifetime.

So, what are you going to learn on the CGT course and what topics will be covered on this 1 day event:
CGT jargon and terminology -
• HMRC’s expanding bag of regulation (DOTAS and Anti avoidance schemes)
• Principles of Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
• CGT and the link to Income tax rates
• CGT rules for rented properties
• CGT reliefs and allowances (timing is everything)
• Proposed changes for Lettings Relief – possibly a red herring, what is its true value should you sell?
• CGT calculations and clear worked examples modelling the method of how to calculate your CGT
• Strategies around reducing CGT liability and tax planning
• What happened to my gain when/if I incorporate?
• How can I use my AEA every year? –are you wasting yours?

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