Subject: I'm looking for 10 people to help them accelerate their property investing

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Are you still interested in up-scaling your investing and creating that 6-figure income to help you have the best life after retirement?

If so, I have a great opportunity for you… Over the course of the last few weeks, I have put together my first ever BETA programme…and I'm looking for 10 “test pilots” to work with me to formulate a strategy which helps offer people clarity and process in order to deliver a high-income producing property portfolio.  

As we’re still in the “beta” stage of the program, it’s going to be much less expensive to work with me 1-on-1 to achieve your desired end goal.

This will be an online group programme, starting towards the middle/end of November.

My goal is to collect 10 testimonials from the success of our beta clients before we launch the full program. 

 Are you in? ⇒ Schedule A Quick 20 Minute Call with Me To See If We’re a Good Fit HERE, I’m expecting to fill these spots up in the next 48 hours, so be sure to schedule your call before the end of the day if you’re serious about achieving a 6-figure income. 

 Talk soon & have a great rest of your day,


Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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