Subject: I am offering a property portfolio review for Charity, Friend

What strategies do you have in place for the rising Interest rates?
With the recent increase in rates, people are thinking more about their portfolio. I certainly am, I have been very mindful that we have been at record low rates for years and that it wouldn’t last forever. I’ve had my ‘what if’ strategies in place for when the time comes, which is obviously now.  By not being pro-active and being unprepared it’s an obvious time bomb waiting to happen. 

With that in mind, I’ve set aside a day to help you remain in charge of your portfolio, after all you’re the one that has put the hard work in to building it and have hopefully been reaping the rewards.

I’m more than happy to sit down with a few people on September 25th in London, offering you a half hour time-slot and all I ask is that you contribute £25 to The Literacy Trust charity. #payitforward

Often you’re too close to see something that may need a change, two heads are better than one and an outside perspective can make all the difference. It’s a WIN WIN day!

To book your place, please arrange an appointment slot in the link below & donate your £25 on the same day (JustGiving details will be noted on the booking link).

Let’s keep you moving towards your dreams #life bydesign

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