Subject: Helpful Tips For Landlords

Over the last 12 years, I have come across most things that the property industry can throw your way.

It's an industry where you can make millions but also huge losses if you're not careful. Having coached & mentored over 100 novice and seasoned property investors, I've decided to pull together a FREE must read list to help any property enthusiast.

I've learnt from my mistakes, so that you won't have to and with the list - it really could save you 1000's of pounds.

I specialise in High-end investment properties including houses of multiple occupation & refurbishment projects. Planning, project management & refurbishment is a costly exercise with profitable gains but knowledge is key to make sure you don't lose money.

Download my tips of the do's + dont's. This is a time limited offer, so make sure you access the list straight away!

Please keep in touch as my free blog will keep you informed with loads of property news & more free tips.

Mike Frisby
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