Subject: Have you been missing out on a great opportunity?

Were you aware that I offer mentoring sessions that actually help and have proved a very useful tool in helping my clients to achieve their goals?

Well, let me tell you about 2 of my most recent mentees, who recently took the time and opportunity to work with me on a 1-to-1 basis to work through stumbling blocks, gain more clarity and learn new information that has armed them to move forward and achieve success.

My first mentee is a gentleman in his 50s who was wanting to boost his pension, he previously had a different mentor before switching to me. Since our 1-to-1 sessions he has purchased property that is worth over £500K. This is expected to create over £100K in equity, and has given him the cash flow in order to retire in the next couple of years instead of 10+ years!!

Pretty impressive right. Ready to hear another one....

So up second is another client who was in a high-profile corporate job and has now moved into property investing full-time. After working with me to understand how to cleverly utilise their pension, he has now bought and has under offer an amazing amount of over £600K in property investment. Again, increasing cash flow, and creating £150K equity. The expected re-finance on these deals is around £750K

What an incredible boost to this guy's income and future plans, and he has escaped the rat race of the corporate world, and doing something he loves!

You know, I actually have another really good story to tell you....

So last but no least, I have these long-term clients of mine & I have been working with them for over 4 years. The last deal they bought at around £250K, spending £200k on refurb with an incredible end GDV of £600K. Now they have recently purchased another two very similar deals which are currently under refurb.

And I can't wait to see the final results from the refurb and what they will generate from these deals! 

For me, it's great to be sharing these success stories, you know I had a great mentor when I first started out in property investing, and now I enjoy paying that back to others, from my many years of experience and learning, and being able to offer sound advice and support in order to help my clients, get on the right path, have security for the future or finally say a fond farewell to full-time employment!

These 1-to-1 mentoring sessions don't come along that often with me, as they tend to be long term and it's time intensive. Right now, though it is the best time to take full advantage of my client's successes which has allowed me to have some extra time slots available!

Do you want a property investing success story like the one's above? Book your Non-Obligation call with me today!


Best Wishes 


Mike Frisby
Property Investor, Developer, Strategist & Coach

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